Summer holiday in ENGLAND

La vacanza studio in Inghilterra si è appena conclusa. Di seguito alcuni commenti dei ragazzi… in “English, of course”!

“I liked this experience in England very much with my friend Francesca and I had a good time with our host family, they were very friendly, nice and courteous.  I learned a lot of interesting things for example: new vocabulary, new verbs and games. When I was in Italy I thought that the food and the weather wouldn’t be good, but they were very good. The thing that I preferred the most was when my friend Francesca and I went to the lake with the family and we went on a sailing boat, too. It was really amazing!! I think that next year I will return here for another fantastic and special holiday with my friends.
Giulia S. and Francesca B., classe 2^

“I have enjoyed my holiday in England very much and I’d like to return again. I can compare it with the experience of last year in Dublin.  There are some things that are better and some others that are worse. For example here in England I have made a lot of new friends while last year I didn’t meet so many people even though Dublin is bigger than Bury and with more friends I had more fun. I will miss them when I return to Italy.
Another example are the afternoon lessons. On one hand, I didn’t like them but on the other hand I learned more. Because of that, in the evening I was more tired and I didn’t speak much with my host family.
The fact we spent the Sunday with the family compensated that.
Returning to this holiday, the two things that I enjoyed the most are: going into the centre of Bury and talking with the local people and dancing at the disco.
The only food that I’ll miss is the English breakfast. This holiday was a lot of fun but it passed very quickly and now I am very tired. So when I return to Italy, the first thing that I’m going to do is have a long, long sleep and look back to this holiday in my dreams.” 
Luca R., classe 2^

“This is my first experience far from home and, as I thought before living Italy, I’m enjoying it a lot.
The object of this adventure is to learn English better and by doing it I meet new people: a big part of them have become my friends.
Everything here is useful to learn English: from the dialogues with the hosts to the time spent with my new Spanish friends.
Even if you have a lot of time to stay with who you want, the most important thing is the school: there I’m improving my English and I have the possibility to speak with my teacher but also during the lessons I have fun with my classmates. In only a week I have learned a lot of new things: I can say that this adventure is very useful!!
Federico C., classe 3^

“I think that this year was really beautiful because we stayed in a family and not in a college.
I think that we learned a lot of things,
more things than last year.
I missed spending more time with our school as we did last year but we also stayed with people from other countries and we made a lot of new friends. In the end I really liked this holiday and I would surely like to come back again.”
Nicole G., classe 2^